OpenGALEN Dissections of traditional Classifications

Angus Roberts

The GALEN-In-Use project has produced a wealth of semi-formal representations of classifications. The project’s main focus was on surgical procedure classifications, but a few other areas were tackled as well.

Downloading materials published here is only sensible if you do understand the notion of dissecting individual classes of existing classifications. You are advised to actively study the Intermediate Representation Tutorial. In the download section you will find the Classification Workbench Software (A Winzip self extracting-installing executable), which has all the tools needed.

Available resources

International Classification of human Functioning (ICF)


We have here samples taken from the French CCAM, the Belgian CPT, Italian and Greek ICD9 CM, the Dutch CMSV, the German ICPM, and OPS 2005 (3431 classes), the Nordic NCSP, the UK Read, and finally a set of abstract procedure dissections, which are used to bind these fragments into a more coherent framework.
See the report on dissection experiences in the GIU project for further explanation.

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