OpenGALEN Mission Statement

Welcome to the website of the OpenGALEN Foundation.

Our goal is to promote healthcare through stimulating the use and development of GALEN experience and technology as a basis for teaching, training and services in the area of medical terminology, language, knowledge and information and in anything directly or indirectly related in the widest sense.

This site gives access to sources and documentation generated in the GALEN Programme and beyond. The community is cordially invited to make optimal use of the GALEN experience as presented here.

The word Open in our name means that we do believe in publicly accessible repositories. We hope that many who learn from our experiences will share their experiences on this site by contributing to the discussion.

The year 2020 marks OpenGALEN’s 30th anniversary. The foundations of what has become known as GRAIL were first presented in a paper at the SCAMC conference of 1990.