OpenGALEN Tutorials

Classification Workbench Movie

The Classification Workbench Movie is a 33 minute audiovisual walkthrough of the Classification Workbench software. It demonstrates the workflow used in GALEN-IN-USE to author structured semantic dissections of the meaning of individual classification scheme rubrics, and shows what kinds of advanced semantic processing can then be performed on libraries of such dissections - including automatic classification, natural language generation and cross-mapping between schemes. After viewing this movie, you may want to try this yourself using the Intermediate Representation Tutorial.
(This video requires JavaScript and the Macromedia Flash Player.)

Intermediate Representation Tutorial

The OpenGALEN Intermediate Representation (IR) was designed in 1995 to enable the multi-centre terminology authoring activities of nine European countries. The IR has effectively detached central specialist terminology developments from peripheral formalisations of local terminologies. This has lead to substantial reductions in training time for authors, while also making authoring much more appealing to practising clinicians as a short time job. The IR not only made the local work stay compatible with substantially redesigned GALEN releases, but makes it in principle also reusable for other terminologies, like SNOMED CT. This tutorial addresses those powers of the Intermediate Representation. If you want to define concepts directly in GRAIL, please read the GRAIL Tutorial.

GRAIL Tutorial

This tutorial introduces the GRAIL language using a non-medical domain. You need to download and install the Classification Workbench (ClaW) for this tutorial. Alternatively, you can download and install the KnoME next to your ClaW installation.

Common Reference Model Tutorial

This tutorial examines the design of the GALEN Common Reference Model.

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