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How to create, maintain and use an intermediate representation

The following instructions are illustrated with screenshots from the GirC application, which is part of the ClaW. Similar steps would be necessary using other software.

This tutorial uses version 7 of the OpenGALEN model and a version of SNOMED CT as Target Terminologies. The OpenGALEN model can be downloaded as source files or in a compiled form here. If you want to follow this tutorial using SNOMED, contact Kermanog for access to an experimental tool (called SReader) that imports the SNOMED CT tabular source distribution into an OpenGALEN Terminology Server compatible model.

This tutorial includes button-by-button instructions on how to perform key tasks using the GirC application, These have a green background.

If you are working through the tutorial with the software, and want to duplicate the screenshots, you will need to perform some of these tasks several times in order to add the necessary additional knowledge content. Instructions detailing what extra content to add have a yellow background.

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