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Doing it in GRAIL

We are going to build an entirely new model, so the first thing to do is to create a new model. Now we open the GCE Workspace and open an empty editor window.

Creating elementary categories

In an empty model, there are a few built-in, primitive categories. The first is topNode, the root of the model, or network. Every concept must have at least one parent - except for the built-in starting point, topNode. Any other category is meaningless until it is connected to the model. TopCategory is a built-in child of topNodeClass to act as the starting point for all new categories

Type the following statements

TopCategory newSub DomainCategory.
DomainCategory newSub TransportCategory.

Do not forget the full stops at the end of each statement. Upper and lower case are significant, for example Topcategory is different from TopCategory and will not work.

Now press the Compile button in the GCE Workspace to compile these two expressions.

The operation newSub allows the creation of an elementary concept; it is given an identifier, and specifies at the same time where it appears in the concept structure hierarchy. After it has been defined in this way, it can be accessed by its identifier. We've created two new categories in this way - DomainCategory and TransportCategory. TransportCategory will be our starting point for the example. DomainCategory is a standard GRAIL convention which simply used for organisation. By convention, the highest proper category in any GRAIL model is DomainCategory.

Now find TransportCategory in GCE, the browser should looks like:

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