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An example application area

GRAIL was originally designed for medical applications. However, the medicine often gets in the way on first acquaintance. This tutorial uses, as an example, a simple model of vehicles and transport.

Consider that we want to model a terminology about vehicles. It might contain:

The first task is to think how these might be divided up into categories. There are any number of possible ways to classify any collection of concepts, but we need to pick one to start with.

Let us say that we choose to classify them by whether they run on rail or road.

Then we might produce a hierarchy that looked like:

We usually like to have a general abstract concept for any part of our terminological model or ontology. We said at the beginning, that these were all kinds of vehicles so we might add to this and rename it to get:

By convention in GRAIL, everything which is about the topic or domain we are considering is placed under DomainCategory, and DomainCategory comes under TopCategory which is built into the system. It is a good idea to separate out branches of an ontology so we shall create an extra TransportCategory in between DomainCategory and Vehicle, So what we want to end up with at the end of the first stage is a hierarchy that looks like:

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